Non-Slip PU Spray Coating (5000ml)

This product is formulated to provide a Non-Slip finish to most substrates. Our Non-Slip PU Spray Coating contains glass traction beads which transforms any floor into a Non-Slip Finish.

Slip No More supplies this product in clear, black, white, yellow, grey and light blue in order to accommodate the industrial, commercial and residential markets. Whether you have a tiled floor, a concrete factory floor or starting block at a swimming pool, this product will cater to your needs.

Our Non-Slip PU Spray Coating is a 2K Polyurethane products that is UV stable and will not change color. In order to achieve the best results, please note that a primer is suggested to ensure that maximum adhesion is achieved.

We suggest a single wet application with a spray gun using a 2.5mm nozzle or with a foam roller rolled in 1 direction for smaller areas. The use of a hair roller or brush will result in a dragging effect which will cause an uneven effect.
This product has great abrasion resistance, a gloss finish and has good resistance to mild chemicals, brake fluid and fuel.

Slip No More`s Non-Slip PU Spray Coating is suited to a number of different applications such as concrete or tiled ramps & stairs, wooden decks & fiberglass boats, Entrance areas in shopping malls & office blocks, step boxes on trucks & heavy machinery, around swimming pools & in showers or on loading bay ramps or luggage trailer floors.
This product is suited to barefoot traffic in residential applications as well as high traffic public areas which reduces re-application to the surface

Colors: Clear, Black, Yellow, White, Light Blue & Grey

Additional products required for application:

  • Polyurethane primer/adhesion promoter (1 Litre per 5 Litre)
  • 2.5mm spray gun (recommended with a 100Litre compressor)
  • Etchant for tiled areas (5 Litre covers 40m²)
  • Drop Sheet and Masking Tape
  • Protective Goggles & Gloves
HotelsGymsCasinosFrail Care FacilitiesHotels
SchoolsCrechesSwimming PoolsRestauarantsBars
KitchensHospitalsOffice ParksMinesShopping Malls
Townhouse ComplexesShowroomsFactoriesNightclubs


  • Resin-5ltr tin 25cm x 18cm x 18cm 6.3kg
  • Hardener-1 Litre tin 13cm x 13cm x 10cm 1,2kg