Grit and Vinyl Safety Tape

Anti-Slip-tapeSlip No More self-adhesive Grit and Vinyl Safety Tape can be used on various different applications including slippery stairs, slippery ramps, boats, playgrounds, gyms and many more. This product is self-adhesive and easy to apply, it also provides superb anti slip flooring capabilities in both wet and dry conditions in order to give a non slip finish. For special colour requirements please contact us.

Ensure that the area you wish to apply the safety tape too is cleaned, and grease or dust free to achieve maximum adhesion.

Grit and Vinyl Safety Tapes are available in standard sizes or 25mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm. For custom made sizes or colours, please Contact Us with your specifications.

Achieve great results and stop slip-and-fall accidents from happening in:


Bathrooms Entrance Halls Offices Factories
Homes Kids Play areas Showers Patios
Balconies Nursing Homes Golf Clubs Showrooms
Swimming Pools Shopping Malls Kitchens Hospitals