Non Slip Grip Strip

The Grip Strip is specifically designed to prevent accidents as a result of slippery surfaces, specifically stairs and problematic ramps. It provides a non slip finish for areas where slippery surfaces are a problem in the wet as well as the dry. Specially graded aggregate does not wear smooth and retains its grip properties for years even if exposed to the elements. The beauty about the Grip Strip is that the base of it is painted onto the surface which allows it to be used in difficult to reach places like steel stairs on tankers, trucks, forklifts & tanks.

The Grip Strip system can be used for areas where pedestrian and vehicular safety is paramount together with the need to visually indicate a hazard area or simply to provide a good-looking finish. Our Grip Strip contains everything needed to prevent accidents and highlight problem areas and comes in a kit that covers 1m x 1m.


  • Maximum grip means maximum safety in all environments.
  • Will adhere to virtually all building surfaces, can be painted or spread on to a surface in order to form patterns, shapes or straight sections.
  • Exceptionally hard wearing under any condition.
  • Supplied in kit form for ease of use, simply use as you need-no waste.

Grip Strips are used on:

Steps Cab steps Ramps Platform edges
Level crossings & gantries Fire escapes Ladder rungs
Upper surfaces of pipes & tanks Pool edges Loading Docks Forklifts