Superior Anti Slip Urethane Coatings

Slip No More‘s Urethane anti slip coating is two-component aliphatic polyurethane that is acrylic modified in order to obtain a particularly high gloss and excellent gloss retention.

Its weather-ability and chalk resistance is outstanding. The product displays excellent flexibility, high abrasion, acid, alkali and solvent resistance.

Slip No More Urethane coating dries rapidly to a slick, durable finish that exhibits very good resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.

Anti Slip Applications: 

• Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
• For the use on concrete floors, structural steel, waste water facilities,
chemical plants and plating facilities as well as marine application
above water-line.
• Ideal coating where outstanding colour and gloss retention is
• Do not apply over wet damp surfaces. Ensure a complete, dry seal of
walls where water seepage may be problematic in future.